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    There seems to be a maximum limit for the number of items<BR>in a hidden array..upto 30 items only.Therefore after submitting<BR>Iloose the remaining values in the array..Can I extend<BR>the maximum limit for an array of input buttons.<BR>Also I wish to know what is the maximum limit of characters<BR>that can be accomodated in the querystring when a form is<BR>submitted..

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    Default What is a hidden array???

    &nbsp;<BR>If you simply mean the implicit array that a group of like named checkboxes will produce, then no, there is no limit that I am aware of.<BR><BR>There is, however, a pretty severe limit on the size of a QueryString. I believe that browsers are only *required* to support up to 255 characters, though most go beyond that. But I would certainly never *expect* to be able to go beyond about 500 characters.<BR><BR>If this is too limiting for your case, then simply use &#060;FORM METHOD=POST&#062; and then Request.Form instead of Request.QueryString. There is no theoretical limit on the amount of posted data (though, again, there are limits for each kind of browser, in real life...but they tend to be in the megabyte range).<BR><BR>

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