We are working on an ASP application which uses ODBC<BR>for connecting to ORACLE. Application is opening one<BR>connection per page (using ADO Connection object) and<BR>closing it in the page itself.On the web server<BR>machine, we have changed the ODBC settings (using<BR>control panel applet) to enable connection pooling.<BR>But instead of maintaining a pool of active<BR>DB connections, ODBC is connecting to ORACLE each<BR>time, when a connection is requested.<BR><BR>We are using Microsoft ODBC driver for ORACLE<BR>2.573.5303.00. IIS version is 4.0 and Oracle version<BR>is 8i. From V_$Session view in Oracle, We found that<BR>the ODBC driver is making a hard connection to Oracle<BR>when ever a page is opened. We have set CPTimeOut<BR>value to 60 (default). We also used WinNT PerfMon tool<BR>to check for Connection pooling. But the results<BR>were negative.<BR><BR>What are the different ways of enabling connection<BR>pooling with ODBC?<BR><BR>Any help will be greatly appreciated.<BR>