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    Mad Cow Guest

    Default PWS... ASP Server related

    Hello.. i have installed PWS on my Win98 server. It loads my HTML files perfectly fine. However, when i try to access a .ASP page, it returns an INTERNAL error.. the page does not load up.<BR><BR>What am i missing so i can server ASP pages too?<BR><BR>Thanx

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    a Guest

    Default Err 500?

    Make sure ASP is installed in the PWS setup as by default i dont think it is! The error is probably due to ASP not being installed.<BR><BR>Also another person earlier today was having same trouble but with win2K so maybe they have solved it?

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    Mad Cow Guest

    Default RE: Err 500?

    i went to the CUSTOM setup.. and couldn&#039;t find any selection for ASP.. could someone lead me to it? <BR><BR>Thanx

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    a Guest

    Default asp setup

    The asp setup should be part of PWS and should be avaliable in setup.<BR><BR>In the setup go to "Personal Web Server" and hit show subcomponents, Then "Documentation" (show subcomponents) and if "Active Server pages" is there make sure it is ticked.<BR>If it is ticked I dont know what you problem might be. So try<BR><BR>If it isnt then try as they should have the download there.

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    Mad Cow Guest

    Default RE: asp setup

    LOL! Following your instructions, my setup doesn&#039;t have a ASP option.. just documentation and two other ones.. i clicked them all.. but no go.. ah well.. i guess i&#039;ll find another ASP server program.<BR><BR>Thanx for all the help.

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