where can I find a free download of MS Interdev?

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Thread: where can I find a free download of MS Interdev?

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    shannan Guest

    Default where can I find a free download of MS Interdev?

    where can I find a free download of MS Interdev? Also, is that the only program I can use for this web devevelopment or do other companies have them available?

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    Mike H. Guest

    Default RE: where can I find a free download of MS Interde

    I use Interdev at work, it has way more features than I need. I use it only because when I took over the project here, it was already started in Interdev and I figured it was easiest to keep it that way. But when I am working at home, I use TextPad, check it out at http://www.textpad.com . You can download it for free, it is easy to use, and if you decide to keep it, it is only US$27. Cheap. I like it a lot, it is easy to use. You can organize "Workspaces" to keep files in a project together.<BR><BR>I have seen a 2 book set on Interdev and ASP programming which comes bundled with a 90 day license for Interdev. Can&#039;t help more than that. Sorry.<BR><BR>Mike

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    Default Sorry

    At around $450 a copy I don&#039;t know of any free ones. Have you ever heard the term bootleg? I haven&#039;t but I have heard it used.

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    a Guest

    Default What I Use

    Depending on how complex you development is will depend on what you use.<BR><BR>Personally I use NotePad. Much easier as I know exactly what is and what isnt in my asp files!<BR><BR>Also I use subdirectories in the wwwroot folder instead of having to setup lots of shares much simpler!!!

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    Default RE: What I Use

    ah, come on. do you really use Notepad? Notepad is the worst thing out there, tabs absolutely suck, a separate instance of Notepad must be opened for each file you are working on. if you are a serious developer you probably know this, so i am thinking you are new to web development.

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    Default Editpad

    At least use EditPad, it&#039;s freeware and supports multiple documents, find, line numbers, wordwrap, etc. You can get it from http://www.editpadpro.com/editpadclassic.html.

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