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    Hi,<BR><BR>Working with cdonts.newmail. First off, I don&#039;t even know if our ISP has that installed...I emailed them but I am still waiting for an answer.<BR><BR>So, I tried sending a simple one. I tried sending one to myself. That was about 10 or 20 minutes ago. I didn&#039;t get any error messages. How long approx. do you think I should wait until I can assumed that it failed?<BR><BR>Also, in this book I have it said that you have to have something like:<BR>&#060;!--metadata type = "typelibrary"<BR>file = "cdonts.dll"<BR>version = "1.2"<BR>--&#062;<BR><BR>But the example I looked up in the aspfaq doesn&#039;t have that part. Who&#039;s correct?

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    Sending mail with CDONTS takes a lot of time,when I tried 1s,I lost hope but I got the mail after 1 day.(sometimes more than that)<BR>It&#039;s always much better to use a mail component like ASPMail,etc<BR><BR>I never used file="cdonts.dll",it worked without it.<BR>-Nikesh

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