I am making area protected with password. <BR>There is 4 group Administrators, Miderators, Users & Guests.<BR><BR><BR>Cheking is in validate_inc.asp where i have somthing like:<BR>---------------------------------------------------------------<BR>If CHECK_GROUP = "Users" Then<BR> If Session("GROUP") = "Users" or Session("GROUP") = "Admin" Then<BR> Else<BR> Session("ACCESS") = "No"<BR> Response.Redirect(Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_RE FERER"))<BR> Response.End<BR> End If<BR>End IF<BR>---------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR><BR>In user_page.asp there is:<BR>---------------------------------------------------------------<BR>&#060;!--#INCLUDE FILE="validate_inc.asp"--><BR>&#060;% CHECK_GROUP = "Users" &#037;&#062;<BR>---------------------------------------------------------------<BR><BR><BR>When someone try to access user_page.asp then it includ validate_inc.asp where all checking is in. It fhould check who can access this page, in this situation is just USER and ADMIN if someone from MODERATOR group try to access page then it should change ACCESS for this sesion to NO. <BR><BR>Problem is in user_page.asp where<BR>&#060;!--#INCLUDE FILE="validate_inc.asp"--><BR>include this file <BR>but <BR>&#060;% CHECK_GROUP = "Users" &#037;&#062;<BR>dont start cheking process :-(<BR><BR>If someone can help me please answar it here or send me mail to modrica@hotmail.com <BR>tnx.