When creating ASP applications I always like to write and debug my code manually, without using an IDE like Visual Interdev. For my current client though I’m explicitly asked to work with Interdev since it is a company standard. Now I’m facing a problem with the Interdev debug facility. Let me explain…. I’m using a Dell Inspiron 8000 portable running Windows 2000 Prof. with IIS 5.0. I created a little ASP application using Allaire HomeSite (my favourite editor). There is some database access involved for which I use ADO with an ODBC driven Access 2000 database. On my machine I created the ODBC system DSN: henDB. The latter I’m using to connect to my database using statements as conDB.open(“henDB”). To test my application I manually created a virtual directory in IIS 5.0. After that, I managed to run the app from the localhost ( without any problem…. The next step was to import my app into Interdev. I used as server for my project. After the project setup, Interdev created it’s own virtual directory in IIS, which is quit normal! The problem started when I tried to run/debug the app from within Interdev. Everything goes smooth until I try to open the first DB connection using ConDB.open(“henDB”). On this statement, Interdev pops up with the error “An exception of the type ‘Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers: [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Disk or network error’, was not handled. When I try to connect to my app (using IE, not via Interdev) in the virtual directory that was automatically created by Interdev during project setup I encounter exactly the same error! Even though I’m able to run my app from the virtual directory I created myself in IIS. When I look at the properties in IIS for both directories I can see that the one that I created has set [When connecting to this resource, the content should come from: A directory located on this computer (radio button)] with local path E:dataSiteshen. The directory created by Interdev has set set [When connecting to this resource, the content should come from: The designated directory (radio button)] with local path hen and the text field is not editable. Can this difference be the cause of the problem? Is the problem related to the fact that both IIS and Intedev are located on the same machine? Do IIS and Interdev have conflicting needs with respect to the database? Can somebody please help me because I’ve tried a lot of things and cannot find the answer.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Jochen [Belgium]<BR>jochen@dwr.be<BR>