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    HI,<BR><BR>Eddie helped me out earlier today by giving me the following code so I can reformat my form date field in to the correct format :<BR>ymdDate = Request.Form("myDate")<BR>dmyDate = DatePart("dd",dmyDate) & "/" & DatePart("mm",dmyDate) & "/" & DatePart("yyyy",mdyDate) <BR><BR>However I am getting the following error:<BR>Invalid procedure call or argument: &#039;DatePart&#039; <BR>Can anyone help me out ??<BR><BR>Kat<BR><BR>

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    Don&#039;t keep changing the name of the date variable. In your first line you set it as ymdDate, so why are you changing it everytime to dmyDate, dmyDate, mdyDate??<BR><BR>You need to keep them the same as in the first line so it knows where to get the date from!!<BR><BR>Tip - If you had written "Option Explicit" at the top of your page (which is good coding practice) then this error would have been picked up.

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