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    Hello, My website runs on a hosted Win2000 server. I have<BR>sensitive information in an access database on the site.<BR>My ISP assures me that its safe, but is it ?<BR>How can I test the security of my own site ?<BR>How easy would it be for someone to hack my database ?<BR><BR><BR>

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    Eddie Campbell Guest

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    One qucik and easy test is to type the full path to your database into the browser and see if it gives you the option to download it. If it does, then you are definately NOT secure.<BR><BR>E.g.<BR><BR>There are many other ways the site might be insecure, but this is a really easy one to test.

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    Default A Cynical View

    &nbsp;<BR>Bob,<BR><BR>Nothing is secure.<BR><BR>Access is as bad as it gets in the secure department.<BR><BR>Outside of EC&#039;s idea of downloading it. <BR>Anyone can grab ahold of an access database and walk off with it.<BR><BR>So I repeat.<BR>Nothing is Secure. <BR>FBI can be hacked, anything can.

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    Hi Vivaldi<BR><BR>That is rather cynical ........<BR>Of course we are never going to stop the real pro. But the <BR>majority of hackers are not true pro&#039;s, its these people that<BR>I want to stop. A real pro will always be able to steal<BR>your automobile, but that does not mean that you shouldn&#039;t<BR>lock the door at night.

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    Bob E Guest

    Default Ed, you hacker you.

    Ed, how did you know my database was in the data folder ???<BR><BR>On my site that folder is above the root folder, so I guess<BR>that makes it secure from the little download trick.<BR><BR>Do you know where I can find anymore security tests ?<BR><BR>

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