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    Hi, is this below a correct syntax for a query command text??<BR> sqltext = "SELECT movie_category.single, distributer.description, quality.description, appropriate.description, color.description, * " & _<BR> "FROM color RIGHT JOIN (appropriate RIGHT JOIN (quality RIGHT JOIN (distributer RIGHT JOIN (movie_category RIGHT JOIN movie ON movie_category.k_moviecategory = movie.k_movieCategory) ON distributer.k_distributer = movie.k_distributer) ON quality.k_quality = movie.k_quality) ON appropriate.k_appropriate = movie.k_appropriate) ON color.k_color = movie.k_color " & _<BR> "WHERE (((movie.k_movie)=" & TainiaNum & "));"<BR><BR>I have to copy this in a new page (together with the rest of the asp code) but i think there&#039;s an error. Am i wrong??<BR><BR>Thanks

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    What is the * doing in the list of output fields ?<BR><BR>Why not paste the query into the Access query builder and see if it works there.

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