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    How do I access an AS400 database using ADO? any help will be appreciated.

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    I have used ado to connect to the AS400. In the experience I have had the server needed to have the client access express package installed on it so we could use the following format for the connection string:<BR><BR>Provider=IBMDA400;Data Source=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX<BR><BR>If you want you can use the server name instead of the ip address as I did above, but I tended to find performance a little better when using the IP.<BR><BR>In addition keep in mind that all SQL statements done against the 400 needs not only the physical file name, but also the library where it resides on the server for the query to work. Here is an example SQL statement:<BR><BR>strSQL = "INSERT INTO LIBRARYNAME.PHYSICALFILENAME Values (v1, v2, v3)"<BR><BR>There may be alternatives, but this has been reliable for me.<BR><BR>John R. Chaffier<BR>====================================== ==============<BR>Weidenhammer Systems Corporation<BR>1650 Valley Parkway <BR>Suite 200<BR>Bethlehem, PA 18017<BR><BR>E-Mail:<BR>

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