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    Aw I&#039m stumped and frustrated...<BR><BR>I am trying to implement my first "data entry" web page on our intranet. I have Wrox&#039 Professional ASP 2.0, Wrox&#039 Beginning ASP Databases, and have tried the examples from both. I have also downloaded an example from the Web. All of these examples WORK on the Web too. But after I get my code all setup and I get my ODBC stuff setup and test my work, I get the SAME error message on all three examples. I&#039m getting ODBC error 80004005 which says "Operation must use an updatable query." - I&#039m not sure where to turn and I&#039m certainly stumped. Anyone help? Thanx in advance. -Jim

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    How are you connecting to your database? Via a DSNless connection or a System DSN? Are you using an Access database? Show us your code that actually does the connection.<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Timothy Hudson Guest

    Default Same probelm: RE: Must use an updatable query?

    I am in deep need of help. I am getting this error now, but the site was up and running fine a few weeks ago. The only thing I&#039ve done is switch to Access 2000, but I don&#039t think that is the problem since I can get it to work on MS PWS. It is only on the web through my ISP&#039s NT Server, that it is not working. I am not using Frontpage, as my ISP has just tried to sell me some fix for this.<BR><BR>Error:<BR><BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error &#039 80004005&#039 <BR><BR>[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Operation must use an updateable query. <BR><BR>/event.asp, line 58<BR><BR>Code for event.asp:<BR><BR>&#060;%@ Language = VBscript %&#062;<BR>&#060;% Option Explicit %&#062;<BR>&#060;%<BR><BR>&#039Declare variables<BR><BR>Dim Mon<BR>Dim Dey<BR>Dim Yr<BR>Dim Upcome<BR>Dim Location<BR>Dim Description<BR>Dim Contact<BR>Dim PhoneNum<BR>Dim Email<BR>Dim MDY<BR>Dim conn<BR>Dim connString<BR>Dim SQLINSERT<BR>Dim URL<BR><BR>&#039Grab variables from the form.<BR><BR>Mon = Request.Form("Month")<BR>Dey = Request.Form("Day")<BR>Yr = Request.Form("Year")<BR>Upcome = Request.Form("Event")<BR>Location = Request.Form("Location")<BR>Description = Request.Form("Description")<BR>Contact = Request.Form("Contact")<BR>PhoneNum = Request.Form("PhoneNum")<BR>Email = Request.Form("Email")<BR><BR>Upcome=Replace(Upcome , "&#039", "&#039&#039") <BR>Location=Replace(Location , "&#039", "&#039&#039") <BR>Description=Replace(Description, "&#039", "&#039&#039") <BR>Contact=Replace(Contact, "&#039", "&#039&#039") <BR>PhoneNum=Replace(PhoneNum, "&#039", "&#039&#039") <BR><BR>MDY = Mon & ", " & Dey & " " & Yr<BR><BR>&#039Create the INSERT statement for a NEW EVENT<BR><BR>SQLINSERT="INSERT INTO tblEvents (EventDay, Event, Location, Description, Contact, PhoneNum, Email) VALUES ("<BR>SQLINSERT=SQLINSERT & "&#039" & MDY & "&#039, "<BR>SQLINSERT=SQLINSERT & "&#039" & Upcome & "&#039, "<BR>SQLINSERT=SQLINSERT & "&#039" & Location & "&#039, "<BR>SQLINSERT=SQLINSERT & "&#039" & Description & "&#039, "<BR>SQLINSERT=SQLINSERT & "&#039" & Contact & "&#039, "<BR>SQLINSERT=SQLINSERT & "&#039" & PhoneNum & "&#039, "<BR>SQLINSERT=SQLINSERT & "&#039" & Email & "&#039) "<BR><BR>&#039using a DSN-less connection.<BR>connString = "DRIVER=Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb);DBQ=" & Server.MapPath("dbupcome.mdb")<BR><BR>set conn = server.createobject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>conn.Op en connString<BR>conn.execute(SQLINSERT)<BR>conn.clos e<BR><BR>&#039Send the user to a page that confirms the setting of the appointment.<BR><BR>URL="thanksnewevent.asp"<BR>Re sponse.redirect (URL)<BR><BR>%&#062;<BR>

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    Timothy Hudson Guest

    Default RE: Same probelm: RE: Must use an updatable query?

    It turns out my ISP had put frontpage extensions on my site, and had set permissions to read-only. They were trying to gauge me out of $50 fee to set my frontpage extensions to change. Things should work soon, as I&#039m not using Frontpage. Moral: By weary of your ISP.

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