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    Hi,<BR>I want some help every one see the outlook express calendar if you save any event and tell the system activate the before 15 minute of an alert this system i want to in ASP page how it possible.?<BR>according to my system<BR>after 15 or after some decided time system go to the database and check the time and activate the alert.how i can do this in javascript because setTimeout() function call one time not like vb timer which activate the each decided time.<BR><BR>please help me

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    I think I understand your question. You want to force a page to reload every X seconds/minutes and then requery your database. If that is NOT what you meant, this probably won&#039;t help.<BR><BR>To force the page to reload do this<BR><BR>&#060;meta http-equiv="refresh" content="60;url=MyPage.Asp?Refresh=True"&#062;<BR> <BR>Assuming that your page is called MyPage.Asp, this will reload the page every 60 seconds, and pass it a value of Refresh=True. You can then test for the value of refresh and run a query to see if any alerts need to be displayed.

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