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    Charles Guest

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    I want to move away from cookies to store user information (the info only has to last as long as the session... how do I use Session Variables. Can anyone point me in the direction of an article on the basics of session variables?

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    Dino Karl Guest

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    Here is the documentation for the session object:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Session variables are pretty simple. Here a little expample:<BR><BR>strTest = "My string" (This is a local variable)<BR><BR>Now store the local variable into a session variable:<BR><BR>Session("strSessionTest") = strTest <BR><BR>Now the value of strTest is stored into a session variable.<BR><BR>To get the value from the session variable call:<BR><BR>strNewTest = Session("strSessionTest")<BR><BR>It&#039s that easy !<BR><BR>Dino Karl (<BR>

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