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    &nbsp;<BR>I have a list of records displayed with a check box beside each record to indicate whether that particular record has been selected. If several records have been selected the database should be updated, and the other records that have not been selected should be updated as well .The problem is the page will only submit the records that have been selected with a checkbox beside them... while the other records that have not been selected are not submitted.<BR>How do I get this other records to be updated simultaneously with the others.<BR>I use this script to update the database<BR><BR>For iCount = 1 to varCount<BR> var = Request("Membership")(iCount) <BR> strSQL = strSQL + "Update Data SET MemID = 1 WHERE MemID = &#039;"&var&"&#039; "<BR>Next <BR><BR>and then execute with my connection object...<BR>So How do I fix the other records.<BR>In the first place I need to get the other records submitted so that I can update them-<BR>but I cannot F-ing get them to update them<BR><BR>All help is greatly app.

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    Update all records for that MemberId with. Then execute the query in a for loop

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