Basic ASP/ACCESS & SQL differences

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Thread: Basic ASP/ACCESS & SQL differences

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    Default Basic ASP/ACCESS & SQL differences

    I know I use SQL statements to do things to Access Databases, But I though SQL was a database as well as a &#039;structured query language&#039; so surely, if its a faster systems which I have been told it is much quicker when working with databses, why do people use ASP and Access?<BR><BR>Do I have the wrong idea about SQL? Can anyone help clear iut up for me. thanks

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    Default Why use Access?

    Well, let&#039;s see. Access is a hell of a lot cheaper. Access is easier to setup. An Access database can be easily created on a developer&#039;s home computer and then simply uploaded to the Web server... Access provides nicer, easier to use, graphical tools than SQL Server...<BR><BR>Personally, I like SQL Server. It&#039;s performance/security is far superior to Access&#039;s.

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    Default RE: Why use Access?

    Don&#039;t get me wrong I like Access but SQL Server is Top Dog when it comes to speed on a large site, 30 to 40 concurrent users using Access and your in trouble, it is only useful for Baby sites

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