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    GD Guest

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    Can anyone tell me how to import a .csv file (delimited text) into an access database using ASP code&#062;??????<BR><BR>Please help!<BR><BR>Many thanks in advance!<BR><BR>GD

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    Vadim Guest

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    Why don&#039;t you try this (don&#039;t bet you anything though)<BR><BR>1) Create a n-dimensional array (as many as there columns in your CSV file).<BR><BR>2) Now create a filter that will parse the data accordingly into this array, like say it has the following look (3 columns)<BR><BR>myNameIs myPhotoID myAddress<BR><BR>You can create a filter that scans for spaces (even make is so that say you had 1 space in the address one, you would make it count 5 spaces, which is what I used).<BR><BR>So you cut up the file, line by line, entity by entity. <BR><BR>3) You parse this newly cut information into the array(0,0,0) for line one, then line 2 would be array(1,1,1) and so forth<BR><BR>4) after this whole array is filled up, simply put you reach an End of file (EOF), you upload all the components appropriately into your database. Again, parsing it with loops and such.<BR><BR>I am sure this isn&#039;t efficient, but it&#039;s a brute force way to solve this problem. you seem like you needed HELP quickly, so perhaps a brute force method can work for you. <BR><BR>Hope this helped,<BR><BR>Vadim C.<BR><BR>

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    GD Guest

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    Thanks Vadim<BR><BR>Yes - though im new to ASP i sorta understand what you are saying but havent that much experience with dynamic arrays (i think thats what theyre called) have you any code examples that is sorta like what youre explaining?<BR><BR>You help is very much appreciated - and I thanks you for a quick response<BR><BR>GD

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    Vadim Guest

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    Check out the FAQ on Arrays on this site, it gives you many ideas and data structure issues:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Check out Scott Mitchell&#039;s article about dynamic arrays too in there... real good, to the point. <BR><BR>Hope this helps,<BR><BR>Vadim C.

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