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    Default MULTIPLE GLOBAL.ASA's = Multiple SESSIONS?

    I have I have a global.asa in the root, and set<BR>session timeout to 15 -<BR><BR>then I have another globabl.asa in subdirectory, and<BR>set session timeout to 5.<BR><BR>What happens when the client stop reading from the<BR>subdirectory for more than 5 minutes? Does the<BR>session end? Is the session_OnEnd in the subdirectory<BR>called?<BR>

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    Default RE: MULTIPLE GLOBAL.ASA's = Multiple SESSIONS?

    I am pretty sure you can only have one Gloabal.asa file, and it is to be located in the virtual root of the application.<BR><BR>Why not set the timeout for the pages that are under the second directory statically by saying session.timeout = 5 in each of the files. Just remember to reset it on all the other pages back to 15.<BR><BR>Jerry

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    Default Why not? because.

    Can&#039t change the session timeout.<BR><BR>What I&#039ll have is a username session variable.<BR>this username is used for both the chat room and<BR>the rest of the web page.<BR><BR>I want to set session.timeout = 2 for the chatroom directory,<BR>then if he goes out of the chatroom, but still views other<BR>pages, the session_onend for the chatroom directory should <BR>call.<BR><BR>Additionally, the original sesession should still be<BR>active.<BR><BR>I was doing an actual test to see what happens with 2<BR>global.asa&#039s -- yes, you can have to. It&#039s STRANGE-<BR>it seems that you have 2 sets of application variables.<BR><BR>I posted a new message about this .. check it out.

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