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    I need to create an "admin" section of my site, password <BR>protected of course, from which an administrator of the web site can remotely manage his site from his own local machine with a web browser. In the site, I would have an update product page. In this page, I would like to place a text field which would take the path to an image on the web CLIENT machine, and through ASP scripting, upload the file from the client to the appropriate field in the database residing on the web server with no ASCII or character processing. This page would also be able to create a new product or delete a product. <BR><BR>I am using Windows 2000 Professional Os on my server.

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    Vadim Guest

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    So what exactly are you asking us? To show you how to build the whole model? <BR><BR>First-off, how much ASP do you know? I mean if you know very little, I suggest you pick up a book, for example: SAMS Teach Yourself E-Commerce Programming with ASP, has a whole section devoted to your question. <BR><BR>If you know some, or have done work on this, can you be more specific on where you get stuck? This seems like a straight forward problem, but very broad too, and I don&#039;t wish to answer something that you already know or have done.<BR><BR>Fill us in a bit more, ie: how far are you with this project, is the database setup, how is it setup (is it only a photo you wish to change, and no information about the product?)... etc.<BR><BR>Sorry if I couldn&#039;t help you out, just share with us.<BR><BR>Vadim

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