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Thread: mangaing images with ASP+Ms-access

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    mukta Guest

    Default mangaing images with ASP+Ms-access

    I have tried using a &#039;memo&#039; type field and copying the binary data from text editors, but the data is corrupted upon retrieval.<BR><BR>I want that the image be stored in the database for easy management, not separately in a file on the server with the path/url stored in the database. I want to be able to managemy web site remotely without keeping track of my images and their filenames, and to not need to <BR>ftp my site every time I adds or deletes or updates my products from my<BR>product line.<BR>

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    Sachin Guest

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    Storing images in database do put extra burden on your database server...even in case of SQL Server<BR>in case theres a problem tracking images & their filename, u can store their URL w.r.t. to the unique name...(primarykey) & retrieve it ... <BR>

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    You save it as an OLE object, not as memo. But it is inefficient. You should store it in a seperate folder and just store its location in the database.

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    charles Guest

    Default Question about storing images in afolder

    I like to store just a location in a database SQL server.Could you send me the example (code) to retrieve the images from the folder through database.<BR><BR>

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