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    TrevStunna Guest

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    If i were to try to make a news script where a user inputs text into a large form, i would like it to output the text as html.<BR><BR>i want it to output the text just as it is typed. With &#039;Enter&#039; And everything.<BR>Like<BR><BR>This.<BR><BR>Without having to type &#039;&#060;br&#039;<BR><BR>How do you do that?

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    Mike Shaffer Guest

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    You might be talking about the FAQ on replacing vbCRLF with &lt;br&gt; to show line breaks. Is that correct?

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    server-side? Server.HTMLEncode() would be your man. if that doesn&#039;t replace linebreaks, do it manually with Replace(vbcrlf, "&#060;br /&#062;")<BR><BR>j

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    textenteredbyclient = request.form("textenteredbyclient")<BR><BR>textent eredbyclient = replace(textenteredbyclient, chr(13), "<BR>")<BR><BR>

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