We devolped an application that keeps it&#039;s user display info in an XML doc and conditionally displays text based on what the user chooses (a "script" - but not code...). Using an ASP page and sending the user input back to the server using XMLHTTP POST. Based on what was sent, the text returned is different, it sends XML contained in the XML doc. We had a big problem- the XMLHTTP POST would fail about every 25 requests, sometimes worse! Also, performace was not great. <BR><BR>I&#039;m posting this to see if anyone else has this problem. We fixed it by modifying the server side code to turn off "resolve externals" and "Validateonparse". The .ValidateOnParse was screwing us up, even though all the xml is valid. So we built our own validation before the XML was sent- and turned off MSXML3.0&#039;s validation. <BR><BR>Does anyone know of anyhting else that we could use to get around this? We thought of trying a DTD, maybe the validation for "well formed" is not as strong as "Valid"?