I am getting the errorr:<BR><BR> ADODB.Field error &#039;80020009&#039; <BR> The object referenced by the application no longer points to a valid object. <BR><BR>Sometimes I get an error with the same number suggesting that I have gone past EOF. <BR>The problem occurs when I try to access a data member of a JavaScript class. I am using the classes in several places and am sometimes able to access the variables and at other times not. I have not been able to find a pattern to it. It does appear, however, that the datamembers are being set corectly when the object is instantiated. Infact, I can make use of the data from within the instance, but cannot reliably get it from the outside. I can call a member function, perform an operation on the data withn the function, and then fail to access the data imidiately after the function ends. This happens even if I do not perform any type of assignments. I am confused by this since I am getting what appears to be an ADO error, long after I have sucessfuly gotten the info from the database.<BR><BR>I was getting the same error earlier when doing something like the following:<BR> Response.Write("string" + obj.data);<BR>I do not see why this should be a problem, but I resolved it by not concatinating the paramiter, i.e.<BR> Response.Write("string");<BR> Response.Write(obj.Data);<BR>I have not been able to find any similar quirks with my current problem.<BR><BR>I would apreciate any suggestions at all.<BR><BR>Dave Johnson