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    Hi,<BR>Suppose a user enters information in a &#060;textarea&#062;, and he writes 1000 characters, including Carriage Returns, and other weird things like that.<BR>I use and SQL statement to insert whatever he wrote into a Visual FoxPro Table (Memo field).<BR>There are two problems:<BR> 1: The carriage returns cause an error (Unrecognized phrase/keyword). It works in Access DBs, but not Visual FoxPro.<BR> 2: The stuff he wrote is over 255 characters and causes the same error cuz either SQL or ASP can&#039;t handle it.<BR><BR>I figured out a way to make it work, but it involves creating a text file and running a foxpro program to copy the text file to a memo field... There&#039;s got to be an easier way, I&#039;m sure. Any suggestions?<BR><BR>Another question:<BR><BR>Is there any way in SQL to copy the contents of one record (all fields) of a table and appending it to another table without going through temporary variables?<BR><BR>Another Question:<BR><BR>When does the Application end, exactly?<BR><BR>...Thanks a lot

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    Question 1<BR>I&#039;m not too familiar with FoxPro but there&#039;s a few things you might want to double check.<BR> - are you sure that the table column is large enough to fit data over 255 chars long<BR> - I usually store any data that may be greater then 250 chars in text files anyways. Why don&#039;t you consider keep all you memo data in text files by naming them based on the row id?<BR><BR>Question 2<BR>You might want to try this.<BR><BR>Insert into table1 (column1, column2) Values( Select column1, column2 from table2);<BR><BR>Question 3<BR>I believe the application start when you the application recieves it&#039;s first active user and ends when you basically shut down the web server.

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    I am sure the columns are long enough. FoxPro memo fields can hold over 1 gig of data.<BR><BR>Is it a good idea to keep thousands of text files? I dunno if that would work for me. <BR><BR>Thanks for the help.

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