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    Hi All<BR><BR>i write below body tag for sending the email and want to go the some link with some query string but how i can concanate the all the code <BR> Body = "&#060;a href ="&Rs_eventemail(0)&"&"&"username ="&Rs_eventemail(1)&"&"&"date="&Rs_eventemail(5)&" &#062;"&Rs_eventemail(3)&"&#060;/a&#062;"<BR><BR>please do correct the code<BR>i am very miserable<BR>tomy

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    Dont really kno what your body tag has to do with this BUT<BR><BR>try this<BR><BR>Body = "&#060;a href = """ & Rs_eventemail(0) & "&username=" & Rs_eventemail(1) & "&date=" & Rs_eventemail(5) & """&#062;" & Rs_eventemail(3) & "&#060;/a&#062;"

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