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    Jonathon Lupton Guest

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    I just installed PWS from my Win98 cd. Installation went smoothly, and I have confirmed that it is running. However, whenever I place an .asp file in my root directory (index.asp) and try to open it, it always opens up in FrontPage, both when I open the page through Windows Explorer and through my Web Browser. Ideally, I'd like to view it through my browser when opening it from there, or view it in notepad when opening the page from Windows Explorer. I want to avoid FrontPage at all costs. Can somebody walk me through the steps I need to take to accomplish this (I am a complete beginner). Thanks!!!

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    Linda Lu Guest

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    After having installed the PWS, go to Accessories-&#062;Internet Tools-&#062;Personal Web Server-&#062;Web Server Manager and click on Advanced" icon on the bottom left then click "Edit Properties" and browse to the folder where you want your .asp pages displayed. After that you can click on "Main" icon and see where you homepage is published. I usually name the index.asp page as default.asp I&#039;m not sure if this would make a difference..<BR>

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    Try surfing to http://localhost/ - or if you know your computer&#039;s network name, surf to http://your-computers-name/<BR><BR>The PWS tray program, when opened, will show you where you can get to your site from. As a standard install PWS allows index pages called default.htm and default.asp (NOT index.htm/html or asp). To set index.htm etc as valid index pages, go to the advanced section of the program.<BR><BR>If you need any more help with PWS, email me!<BR><BR>Alan<BR>

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    Thank you both! Both of your responses together solved my problem.

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