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    Ranjith Guest

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    Hi,<BR> I have two text box t1 and t1.Initially my cursor is on the textbox t1(the first text box).What I need is as soon as I press my tab key the text in the second textbox that is t2 should get highlighted.<BR> Is there any way of doing it.<BR><BR>thanks.<BR><BR>ranjith@hotmail.com<BR>< BR><BR>Ranjith<BR><BR><BR>

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    Viper Guest

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    If you&#039re using frondpage, you can set the tab order with the properties of the textbox.<BR><BR>Greetingz Viper

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    Ranjith Guest

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    hi,<BR> I want to do this in javascript

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    There&#039s a lot of ways to do this, depending on your real objective. First, to set the default tab order:<BR>&#060;input TYPE="text" id="t1" name="t1" ... tabIndex="1"&#062;<BR><BR>First, to get a pointer to the control:<BR> var objForm = document.form1;<BR> var objT2 = objForm.t2;<BR><BR>To change the tab order:<BR> objT2.tabIndex = objT1.tabIndex + 1;<BR><BR>Or, if you always want to set focus to t2 when leaving t1,<BR>you can code t1&#039s onblur event with:<BR> objT2.focus();<BR>

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