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    Hullo!<BR><BR>I am a 100% newbie to ASP and bought a couple of books in order to learn it.<BR><BR>There are quite a few quality scripts on the books&#039; included CD-ROM&#039;s and I have been trying to get one script in particular (an e commerce site) to work.<BR><BR>However, after copying all the folders into my PWM (there are no included instructions on how to run the scripts so i just copy & paste) I get errors regarding this particular line on each page:<BR>" "ASPBook", "sa", "nep2tune""<BR><BR>I have no idea what this does, as all I am doing is trying to run the script - not learn the language (don&#039;t have the time!) so please oh please help me!

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    if you read the book, it&#039;ll explain about DSNs<BR><BR>j

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    I did and i don&#039;t understand it

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