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    I am using a JS validator script to require that fields be filled in but people can just space in a field, and the validator accepts that as text.<BR><BR>So I put in this JS in each &#060;input&#062; which eats any whitespace at the beginning of a text field. But it only does it on the first submit attempt.<BR><BR>Any suggestions on a better solution?<BR><BR>onChange="javascript:while(&#039; &#039;+this.value.charAt(0)==&#039; &#039;)this.value=this.value.substring(1,this.valu e.length);"

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    heard of regular expression? the JScript language reference (to the left of this page) explains it fairly well.<BR><BR>also, how are you calling your validation? you may benefit from an article in the javascript section of http://www.infinitemonkeys.ws/<BR><BR>j

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