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    harish Guest

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    Dear Readers,<BR><BR>I have written code to send email via asp and it worked,but it is working only if we send mails within an organization,means mails are not going to the net i.e.some outside address like yahoo or hotmail,what should be done.In the book it is written that we should make some changes for smtp properties in iis,but i am unable to follow.<BR><BR>Can anybody please guide me and provide me the exact steps for this problem.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR><BR>Harish.

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    Ryan Horner Guest

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    Harish,<BR>I am currently experiencing the same problem and although I have not implemented/tested this solution it should work. The first thing to do is read this document on sending email with ASP:<BR><BR><BR>It contains this line that sounds like your problem:<BR>[If you don&#039t have a local DNS server, don&#039t fear--you can route the messages to a remote SMTP server that&#039s configured to send messages to the Internet. This is often the case in most organizations where you have to use a corporate mail server for all outbound email. ]<BR><BR>So, to fix this problem you need to redirect your outbound mail to a relay mail host that your technical support guys will be able to identify.<BR><BR>Good luck and please post anything you discover beyond this message for the group.<BR> <BR>

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