Does anyone know why I manage to get duplicate cookies when creating cookies both in HTML and ASP? i.e., if i make a cookie called EXBR in a HTML page and set it to some value, then try modifying the cookie in an ASP page, going through the document.cookie value, I find this: EXBR=SomeVal; ASPSESSIONIDFFFEECFB=GHENE...[etc]; EXBR=OtherVal -- anyone know why I&#039;m getting 2 different cookies both called EXBR?<BR><BR>Also, on another note, why can&#039;t I set the expiration of an ASP cookie to the nearest minute? I&#039;ve tried giving it a value based on Date.getTime(), but it&#039;s out of range (I think ASP uses the C ctime() function, they use a differnt date range?), and using Date.toUTCString() doesn&#039;t work either. Any ideas?<BR><BR>TIA, Dominic