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    *<BR>Scenario<BR><BR>There is a List of Eligible Users in a database table called EligibleUsers<BR>These people are eligible for access to a site<BR><BR>There is a registration form where eligible users can enter their information to request access.<BR><BR>Three of the criteria entered into the form is matched to criteria in EligibleUsers (criteria such as passport number, membership number, date of access)<BR><BR>If the three criteria match, the member&#039;s information is written to a Members table including name, login and password.<BR><BR>Function<BR><BR>I have a registration page where the info is captured<BR><BR>I have a Verification page where:<BR>1) The 3 criteria is retrieved from Eligible Users<BR>2) The 3 criteria is requested from the Form on the previous page<BR>3) The three criteria is compared e.g. If EligiblePassportNumber = RegisterPassportNumber Then Counter = Counter + 1<BR>4) If Counter &#062;2 Then ... and here is the trouble<BR><BR>I want to do a Response.Redirect to the VerifySave page which will save the info to the Members table<BR>But I need to pass all the other information (such as name, login, password) to the VerifySave page too.<BR>I can request it from the form on the Register page but how do I pass it to the Verify Save page if I use a Response.Redirect ? Usually I pass info over by using hidden fields of a form but there is obviously no Submit in a Response.Redirect. <BR>Is Reponse.Redirect the best (or only) way to automatically run another page? And is it right for this purpose?

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    Querystrings are the perfect way to pass anything accross however the only problem is the users can see them at the top in the address bar.<BR><BR>So you could put <BR><BR>VerifySave.asp?name=&#060;%=request.form(" name")%&#062;&login&#060;%=request.form("login")%& #062;&pass=&#060;%=request.form("password")%&#062; <BR><BR>this would then pass the next page the 3 pieces of info you need passed.<BR><BR>To get them the other side the statements would be<BR><BR>login = request.querystring("login") etc.<BR><BR>if you use the &#039;form action = "get"&#039; rather than "post" it will convert all your fields into a querystring anyway.<BR>

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