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    Hello!!!<BR>How can I create a clock that countdown 20 minutes?

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    Default Not an ASP question... just have to learn enough JavaScript that you can write one in HTML/JS code in the browser.<BR><BR>It&#039;s just a tiny bit to learn. You might look at and the JavaScript FAQ there for help.<BR><BR>The function you are looking for is "setTimeout" or "setInterval"--plus, of course, some way to display the results.<BR><BR>

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    Pray do tell, what would you do with a clock that counts down 20 minutes.<BR><BR>If you mean Server side then you&#039;d be talking about the Session.Timeout property, if you&#039;re talking about client-side well .... It&#039;d wanna be a bloody interesting page :).<BR><BR>Unless of course you&#039;re the alarm in a framed document?<BR><BR>Anyways, it shouldn&#039;t be too hard to do it in a browser using JavaScript.<BR><BR>On page Load I&#039;d create a Date value (varA) in a global variable that was equal to the current time plus 20 minutes.<BR><BR>Then use the setInterval method of the window to call a function that deducts the current time froom varA and displays it in a countdown panel somewhere on the page.<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Darren<BR>[ ]

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