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    i&#039;m a XML newbie & i would like to know if XML can fit into the following scenario -<BR><BR>Its a quiz application & i need to show a set of q&#039;s from the questions d/b. there should be minimal time delay between q&#039;s shown one at a time. On completion user&#039;s answers must be sent to the server for processing. application must work on any browser.<BR><BR>using client-side scripting and the xml doc , i think, would make a good interface but how can i get the dynamically built XML document , lets say , using ASP so that it works on all browsers ? Is it a workable solution ?<BR><BR>What are the other possible ways ( i&#039;m aware of Java applet ).<BR><BR>are there any &#039;live&#039; examples with code ?<BR><BR>thanks in advance for your time...<BR><BR>

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    If it really must work on "ANY" browser then your only option is straight HTML with ALL logic on the server. There are people still using Lynx 1.0 out there somewhere...<BR><BR>Processing XML on the client is only really a viable option for IE 5+ (and possibly NS 6 - I haven&#039;t really looked at it yet).<BR><BR>Be realistic - is the time for a server round trip really that critical in this application? It CAN be done client side in the MAJOR browsers, but it&#039;s a world of pain to support all those different DOMs...<BR><BR>Dunc

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