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    krane Guest

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    sql= "SELECT Frase, Data, Inserido FROM " & Request.Querystring("Sc") & ";" Order by Date<BR>rst_DB.Open sql, con_DB<BR><BR>this is not working :( i can&#039;t put any order on that :&#124 without the order it works fine. can anyone help me?! <BR>tks

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    but I assume you have a field in your db labeled Date?

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    K. Guest

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    Your SQL statement looks a little strange to me (a semicolon indicates the end of your SQL statement so your order by clause wouldn&#039;t be interpreted...then again, I use T-SQL for SQL Server. One thing I can see right off the top is that when you name a field "date" in a table you have to reference it like this [Date].<BR>SQL = "SELECT Frase, Data, Inserido FROM &#039;"&Request.Querystring("Sc") &"&#039; ORDER BY [Date]"<BR><BR>

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