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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

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    Hey Advanced people, the following thread appeared on and I though it was fairly relevant (more a performance question, but I think it deserves advanced status).<BR><BR>Here is the URL: <BR><BR><BR> The summary of it is this: <BR>ASP is unduly slow in transferring data from VB (or possibly all language) COM objects. For example: this guy&#039;s tests show it taking approximately 88ms to transfer a 400000 byte string from a COM object to an ASP variable. (my tests showed 25 ms for a 500000 byte string). That&#039;s JUST the transfer, i.e. the time to build the string in the component (or any other action in the object) is subtracted from the time of execution of the *one line* of ASP that returns the string.<BR><BR>Compared to the other activities in his component, like database access or even moving a string from one COM object to another, this is incredibly slow (he measures it being hundreds or thousands of times slower that other operations in his application). <BR><BR>So anyone know why this is?, are his expectations realistic? Is his reasoning flawed? I draw similar conclusions about the speed copying of data - is this a built-in limitation of ASP? Check out the thread and try it for yourself.<BR><BR>Richard

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    Richard A. Lowe Guest

    Default Sorry should have posted to advanced...oops


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