I have been told that since my web site says stopped I need to change the http headers. So I right click on my default web site and pick properties then click on the tab called HTTP Headers. I then click Add and it wants two things from me: a "customer header name" and a "custom header value". Can anyone tell me what it wants in these two boxes and what these two things really are? On another note, when I call up my ASP page in my browser (my server is on my PC also, the same one as the browser) I can't see it and in Microsoft Management Console it says "stopped" next to the default web site folder name. When I call up the ASP page in the browser it says something about the address already being used. I have been told that it means that I probably have another web site listed with the same IP or "unassigned" and no host header. I have only one main web site and its called "Default Web Site". There are also two other sites/folders listed under the server and their info is as follows (I will also include the info for the "Default Web Site" info here): Default Web Site, State is Stopped, Host Header Name is www.mydomain.com website 1, ip is, port is 80, the next one is called Default FTP Site, State is Running, Host Header Name has none given, under ip address it says "All Unassigned", and the port is 21. The last one is Default SMTP Virtual Server, State is Running, for Host Header Name there is none given, under ip address it says "All Unassigned", the port is 25. Can anyone see a conflict that could be causing my problem? I also have a virtual directory and a physical directory, could those be conflicting somehow? I can write back with any more details if anyone needs them to help me solve this problem. Thank you very much for any help anyone can give me! Heather