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    Daniel Root Guest

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    I haven&#039t solved it, but maybe this would ring a bell with someone. The session.sessionID is different between frames and windows on my site. Which means, within one window or frame, session variables are maintained, but not between them. Again, it does this with the NT PWS, not the Win95 PWS with no change in the ASP code (see previous post). <BR><BR>-D

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    Todd Bailey Guest

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    I&#039ve seen that happen when you one frame is referencing another directory that also has a global.asa file in that directory. That global.asa file was being hit and resetting the session for that frame.<BR><BR>If that is, delete the global.asa file in the subdirectories and the application will use the root global.asa for all the frames.<BR><BR>Easy test for this problem: in each global.asp file in the session_onstart routine put Session("TestMySession") = some text<BR><BR>Make the text different for all the global.asa files and then on each of your asp files, response.write Session("TestMySession") and you&#039ll see which asa file is responding for that page.

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    Daniel Root Guest

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    Good idea. I did something similar, by using session.sessionID to show me how the server was managing the sessions. Sure enough each frame thought it was a different session- until I removed all my virtual directories (which luckily I didn&#039t need anyway.) Also, there appears to be two different PWS programs- one that comes with FrontPage, and one that comes with NT 4 Option Pack. The latter is the one I was familiar with, and once installed worked fine. <BR><BR>Thanks for the tip,<BR>Daniel

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