The following code will not work. even when the Response.Write functions<BR>prints out the same string I get the "Wrong Password" Message.<BR>I was trying to check the two strings for equal length, but I cannot get the<BR>length property to work. It doesn&#039t give an error, it just has no output.<BR>In fact the substring function would not work either.<BR><BR>rset.Open(a_sql,conn,1);<BR>var x = rset(&#039password&#039);<BR>var password = Request.Form(&#039password&#039)<BR>var z=x.length<BR>Response.Write(x);<BR>Response.Write (x.length);<BR>Response.Write(password);<BR>Respon se.Write(password.length);<BR>if(rset.RecordCount& #060;= 0)<BR> Response.Write("Sorry we have no one by that name<BR>");<BR>else<BR>{<BR> if(x == password)<BR> {<BR> Response.Write("you have the right password");<BR> }<BR> else<BR> Response.Write("That is the wrong password");<BR>}<BR><BR>the output is:<BR>honda honda That is the wrong password<BR><BR>