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    various people have said to develop com components in vc++ rather than vb. what would be the advantages of doing this? what does it offer over vb6....

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    (disclaimer) This is a very high level overview for the least technical people in the audience. Those of you who know exactly what&#039;s going on, feel free to clarify and/or hit the opinion, but don&#039;t roast the overview. (end disclaimer)<BR><BR>For all intensive purposes, VB compiles into C++. C++ in turn compiles into machine language. Hence, people say C++ is better than VB because C++ lets you optimize your code better (as opposed to some application-ignorant compiler ramming your code into de-facto templates prior to compiling to machine code) because it gives you more options in how to make your code better.<BR><BR>The catch is this: Anybody can write bad code in any language. A VB expert can outperform a C++ moron any day of the week. Furthermore, because of the vast quantity of options C++ gives you, it&#039;s a lot easier to write really bad code in C++ than it is in VB. So if you&#039;re good with VB and you&#039;re happy with how your career is going, don&#039;t feel compelled to try to ramp up on C++.<BR><BR>Besides, everything Microsoft does is being mutated into C# at this point anyway...

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