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    Can I call an ASP page from a second web site? This second web site would consist of nothing but static HTML pages. In other words, I want to call an .ASP file at second site and have it return the results of a query. Below, is a description of what I am trying to accomplish.<BR><BR><BR>========================= HTML page at 1st Web site ==========================<BR>SQL Command Processor Entry Form<BR><BR>This page is a good example of sending an SQL query to the server and having it send back a formatted response.<BR><BR>The database has the following field layouts:<BR><BR>Table: Product<BR><BR> ProductCode<BR> Title<BR> Artist<BR> UnitCost<BR> Weight<BR><BR>Table: Inventory<BR><BR> ProductCode<BR> Quantity<BR> ReceivedDate<BR><BR>SQL Examples:<BR><BR> SELECT * FROM Product<BR> SELECT * FROM Product WHERE Artist = &#039;Elvis Presley&#039;<BR> SELECT Title, Quantity FROM Product, Inventory WHERE Product.ProductCode = Inventory.ProductCode<BR><BR>Enter any valid SQL instructions including: SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, ALTER and PROCEDURE :<BR>&#060;TEXTAREA box goes here&#062;<BR>&#060;Submit button goes here&#062; <BR>============================================== ================================<BR><BR><BR>===== Explaination of above HTML page ====<BR>Below, is is how I envision coding the form statement on the HTML page. As you can see it is calling an ASP page that is located at another site. <BR><BR>&#060;FORM NAME="SQLform" ACTION="html://" METHOD="get"&#062;<BR><BR>The plan of course is that the above get method will return a web page with results from the query that the viewer entered on the HTML page as well as a link so that the viewer can return to the previous web page.

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    yup, just POSTing the form params should work fine.<BR><BR>j

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