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    Hello!<BR><BR>Do u know any site which has ASP sources that is written in JSCRIPT? Or better yet can somebody give me sample code written in JSCRIPT that generates a poll or survey and message board? All i find in the web were mostly written in VBSCRIPT... but i don&#039;t know VBSCRIPT... Please help me with ASP Polls (JSCRIPT).<BR>Thank you so much!

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    &nbsp;<BR>Does this not therefore indicate that not many people actually use Javascript as the base ASP script language?<BR><BR>I had the same problem when starting with ASP - I knew Javascript fairly well but not VBSCript I had just dabbled with bits of VBA. I wrote like 2 ASP pages with Javascript before I decided I needed to switch to VBScript!<BR><BR>I did not find VBScript at all hard to learn especially considering the amount of example code and articles you get on-line.<BR><BR>Usually you will find that Javascript is used client side, as it is cross browser compliant, but that VBScript goes with ASP server side.....well it is Microsoft I suppose!<BR><BR>cheers<BR>mf

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    JSCRIPT is also Microsoft and I perfer Jscript any day over VBScript. VBS sucks! JScript is so much better and especially now with its try catch error handling, it blows VBS out of any contention.

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