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    I&#039;m stuck at <BR>Dim objCookieObject As HttpCookie<BR>objCookieObject.Name = "nwcookie"<BR>objCookieObject.Value = "nwvalue"<BR>Response.AppendCookie(objCookieObject )<BR><BR>also, is this somehow easier to code than<BR>response.cookies("mycookie") = "myvalue"<BR><BR>I love asp & I&#039;ve got the book on, but I&#039;m currently deciding if PHP isn&#039;t the better (more stable & consistant) way to go....<BR><BR>Any thoughts?<BR><BR>

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    I agree.<BR><BR>Having learned to program by using VBScript to create ASP pages I agree that this whole learning curve seems steep, and every single time I try to learn something new in this new environment I feel like giving-in and saying that it&#039;s too hard.<BR><BR>And, looking at the code sample you provided, yes, it does seem like more code.<BR><BR>But to be fair in the sample you provided ...<BR><BR> Dim objCookieObject As HttpCookie<BR> objCookieObject.Name = "nwcookie"<BR> objCookieObject.Value = "nwvalue"<BR> Response.AppendCookie(objCookieObject)<BR><BR>vers us/<BR><BR> response.cookies("mycookie") = "myvalue"<BR><BR>... you aren&#039;t really comparing appples with apples.<BR><BR>Because VB.NET and C# (or your chosen .NET language) are a lower level language (by far) than VBScript then there will definantly be more rules to follow, but (so we are told) the pay-offs to this added complexity will far outweight the burden of having to learn more.<BR><BR>The reasons that I&#039;ve chosen to tackle .NET is that I can see that once I learn these new skills then I&#039;m able to be a productive programmer right across the Windows and Web platforms.<BR><BR> &#062; but I&#039;m currently deciding if PHP isn&#039;t <BR> &#062; the better (more stable & consistant) way to go.<BR><BR>I doubt that you will get a clear answer to this question for quite some time.<BR><BR>Lastly (IMHO), .NET will become a lot easier to learn in 6-12 months time when there is a greater quantity of learning material for people of all levels.<BR><BR>My 2&#162;<BR>:)<BR><BR>Darren<BR>[ ]<BR><BR>[ ]

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