"Default Web Site" folder says "Stopped"

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Thread: "Default Web Site" folder says "Stopped"

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    Default "Default Web Site" folder says "Stopped"

    I can&#039;t get my ASP pages to show up in my browser. When I go into Microsoft Management Console and click on the server name, the "Default Web Site" folder says "Stopped" next to it. When I right click on "Default Web Site" and hit "Start" from the pop-up menu it gives me an error message that says "Address already in use" and the "Default Web Site" still says "Stopped" next to it. Can anyone tell me how to start it again and what might have made it stop? <BR>

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    You are probably running more than one domain or site on your server. You need to go into the properties for that site, then the advanced, and check out the HTTP Headers that it responds to. Be sure that you set up unique names for each domain (e.g. www.domain1.com and www.domain2.com)<BR><BR>

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