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    How can i pass data between 2 different forms??<BR>I can give data to a form with a post action. I recieve it with a request.form("ggg"). How can i send the same data to 2 different forms??<BR><BR>I&#039;m new to this language, so if u can please write an exemple down with the sending form and the 2 receiving forms, please??<BR><BR>Greetings,<BR>Tom

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    Ok, to clarify, you have one main form and need to send the form content to 2 separate forms? <BR>1)Are the 2 receiving forms on different ASP pages or on the same ASP page? And, are these forms on the page that the action is set to from the first form?<BR>Sometimes I need more context to follow, sorry. If you give me an example of what you are doing I can better help you.<BR>

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    I already found it... By the way, thanx for answerring....<BR><BR>Possibly u can help me another time!!!<BR><BR>Take care

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