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    Richard Koch Guest

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    I currently have users logging into a NT 4.0 server using IIS 4.0. What I want to do is have a user log in and dependant upon who they are, they will be re-directed accordingly to a paticular web page.<BR>I&#039ve been told that an ASP page can compare the users login name and password against a database, and then re-direct accordingly.<BR>Where do I begin to set somthing like this up?

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    John Harvey Guest

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    I&#039d start by designing the database. Something simple like an access database should be easy enough. You&#039ll need (at least) 3 fields.<BR>1. UserName<BR>2. Password<BR>3. RedirectURL<BR><BR>Then create two pages. <BR>1. HTML page form <BR>2. ASP form handler<BR>(This can be done in one ASP page with a control variable)<BR><BR>In the form handler, query the database with the results of the the form, and use a <BR>Response.Redirect = RecordSet.Fields("RedirectURL")<BR>

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    Richard Koch Guest

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    Thanks for the direction on this....<BR>I have setup the access database with those three fields.<BR>I have started to setup the form page (i&#039m using NetObjects Fusion 4.0)my question is how do I add the SUBMIT button for the form and have the form results query the database? I&#039m assuming I use this ASP form handler to do this?<BR>thanks in advance...

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