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    I&#039;m sure this is just a stupid mistake, but I just can&#039;t seem to see the problem...<BR><BR>I&#039;m getting a "...Too Few Parameters..." on my SELECT.<BR><BR>The code;<BR>strSQL = "SELECT userid FROM users WHERE Userid = " & Request("newuserid")<BR><BR>When I take the WHERE clause out, it works...what am I missing?<BR>Thanks,<BR>Jonathan Hamblett

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    If userid is text, shouldn&#039;t there be single quotes surrounding the Request("newuserid")?<BR>"SELECT userid FROM users WHERE Userid = &#039;" & Request("newuserid") & "&#039;" <BR><BR>I cannot recall if ACCESS or SQL server is case sensitive. But you may have a problem with userid not being the same as Userid in the example as you gave it.<BR><BR> I recall running into such difficulties when I first started including queries in my ASP pages. I&#039;m still no expert. If it works for you I&#039;ll be thrilled.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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