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    I need to add data from a file OR update it if it already exists in the database. Can this be achieved in SQL?<BR><BR>It would be something like <BR><BR>Add this record if it doesn&#039;t exist, update it if it does.<BR><BR>I could put the new data into a temporary database first.<BR><BR>Currently I&#039;m doing the following<BR><BR>Open a record set<BR> find the record<BR> doesn&#039;t exist then add it<BR> does exist then update it<BR><BR>I think this may become inefficient as the database grows.<BR><BR>

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    if you&#039;re using SQL Server, or other ANSI database - you can. there&#039;s an article at http://www.infinitemonkeys.ws/ called &#039;save yourself SQL hassles&#039; which should help you out.<BR><BR>if you&#039;re using Access, i think you&#039;re a bit stuffed on that one.<BR><BR>j

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