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    &nbsp;<BR>Excuse me if this question were already asked on this site before, but who can sift through all the messages out there?!? My question is fairly simple: I have a form on one page in which users enter some information. That information is pushed over to an asp page that displays the information in an easy-to-read format, asks the user to check the information over, and then tells them to click "ok" if the information is good to get put into the database. All that is fine. My question is how I move this "user-validated" data into the database from the asp page that displays it. I&#039;m thinking it has to get pushed over to another asp page that actually inputs the information into the database. But the info isn&#039;t displayed in a form, so the form can&#039;t push it over. Can I put the info in some sort of variables that will persist to a new page? Should I put it in some sort of hidden form so that hidden form can push it to the next page? Can I call a VBScript function from the ok button that will push the data? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.<BR>

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    Well there are a lot of ways the best way is put hidden fileds on the form where you display the data and then submit the form to the page that does the insert

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