sListBoxName = "lstJustifiedHomicide_" & iVictimCounter & "_" & iOffenderCounter<BR>Call BuildListBox(sListBoxName, rsJustifiedHomicideTypes, "", -1, false)<BR><BR>We use this routine to build a listbox from a recordset. In this case we are using counters <BR>to build the name of the list box. The listbox name will become "lstJustifiedHomicide_1_1" the first time thru. <BR>Now the questions is what is the javascript syntax to dynamically reference the same field?<BR>somthing like:<BR><BR>for (var VicCount = 1; VicCount &#060;= document.forms[0].hidNumVictims.value; VicCount++) {<BR> for (var OffCount = 1; OffCount &#060;= document.forms[0].hidNumOffenders.value; OffCount++) {<BR> var vlist = document.forms[0].lstDeathCirc_ ??? something VicCount + something OffCount ???<BR> var olist = document.forms[0].lstJustifiedHomicide_ ???? something VicCount + something OffCount ???<BR> if (vlist.value == "80") {<BR> if (olist.value == " ") {<BR> return false;<BR> }//end if<BR> }//end if<BR> }//end for<BR>}//end for<BR>